This 30′ Tiny Home Is XL On Finishes


For those of you who think a tiny home is just a bit too cozy for your tastes, here is a way to downsize without compromising on the creature comforts. This place is fully loaded with a full kitchen, queen size bed, couch, full bath, washer/dryer everything you truly need. It even has a loft for any house guests to stay in overnight. Not only does it have all the necessities, It has a very well layed out floor plan and beautiful craftsmanship to boot. This is a commercially made 30 foot unit that can be towed down the road to any place you would like.

It does ring in at an eye popping $73,000 dollars. Yikes! However, I think this would be a great option for retirees and empty nest-ers to downsize into. Sell the house and use the proceeds to buy this. Use the remainder as spending money to live out the remainder of your life living the ultimate american road trip. That does sound appealing. Maybe write a blog and tell us all about it as you go. Be sure to check out all the other houses at Tiny House Talk. They’re amazing!

Here’s the link to all the interior photos…

TinyHouseTalk: 30’ XL Tiny Home On Wheels (photo tour)