Ocean House

This Amazing Cliff-Top Cottage Will Leave You Speechless

Ocean House

I wish I lived in Whitsand Bay. Where? A picturesque bay, loved by surfers, located in the UK. Why would I want to live there? So I could live in this tiny house that offers stunning ocean views and is a quiet hideaway from the world. Technically, it’s only 320 square feet but really it’s huge! Wait till you see it, your heart will melt.

Could you give up some space to live in a tiny home with gorgeous french doors, nautical decor, bright natural light, and crisp and clean white walls? It would be the perfect summer home! There is no way that I would want to live on a cold stormy cost in England during the winter! Lol. Now move this house to California and it would be a whole different story…

I desperately want to have a summer beach house one day. Maybe a tiny home, maybe a big one. As long as it’s on some ocean front property in a warm climate I’ll be happy. Maybe I should start planning it out by narrowing down the location. Where would you want to live? Check out oceanfrontproperties.com

Here’s the link to take the full home tour…

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