This Backyard Transformation Is Pure Genius


Our backyard features a small bubbling fountain. It flows down a stream and into a small pond. I love this little water feature of ours. It is so relaxing to hear the water bubbling out of the fountain and gurgling as it runs down the stream, flowing over and through the rocks. I love sitting on the deck listening to it on a hot summer day. Sometimes, on the really hot days, I wish I could slide down into the cool waters and just enjoy the feel of it. But alas, our pond is not designed for swimming or soaking. What if I could have the best of both worlds?

This family was thinking the same thing when they designed this swimming hole for their back yard. It looks beautiful and is quite functional when the heat of summer strikes again. It took a lot of labor on their parts, but they were able to do it on their own without hiring the pros. Take a look at the post. Maybe you will be inspired. Here are some tips for you making your own DIY pool. The natural look is so pretty!

Check out the full project here…

Diply: See The Stunning Backyard AFTER (photos)