This Couple’s Tiny Dream Home Is More Than Meets The Eye


What’s special about Hartsel, Colorado? It’s where Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller built their tiny home. They weren’t professional builders but decided to give the ‘tiny home’ thing a chance. They documented their experience, the film entitled ‘Tiny: A Story About Living Small’ was shown on the American Al Jazeera network and many other film festivals across the states. They actually took their house with them to the festivals. How cool! I love all the pictures of the building process. I could never live in such a vast and remote place (and a place that has no running water) but it is lovely to look at.

Curious about where Christopher and Merete are today? Read about it here. As of May 2014, neither of them live there full time but visit whenever they can. This experience impacted them drastically. Even though the both live in urban areas, they have maintained a minimalist view on life and have tried to keep their possessions to a minimum. Such a cool story.

Go here to take the full tour…

Diply: Christopher and Merete’s Tiny Dream Home (Tour)