This Craftsman Style Tiny Home is 170 Sq Ft Of Perfection


What is 8’6” x 20’ and 170 square feet? The craftsman style bungalow tiny house on wheels, of course! It’s a fabulous little home and I’m so excited to feature it here today. I love everything about this home! Thanks Tiny House Talk for featuring it for us!

I love the red door and porch lights. The porch is quaint and tiny. I like the gables, windows, and every other little detail. So cute. I really like the kitchen. All of the different grains of wood look lovely and it’s huge and functional. It looks like there is a lot of cabinet space in there too. That bathroom shower looks pretty grand too. I definitely need to get me one of those! Need to take a closer look inside this little bungalow? The answer is yes! Take the video tour here.

See the insides of this fabulous bungalow here…

TinyHouseTalk: 170 Sq. Ft. Craftsman Bungalow Molecule Tiny Home