This Dad Built The Ultimate Backyard Hangout

Imagine that you have enough space in your yard to build something exciting. But what do you build? A porch? A swing set? A fire pit? The possibilities are endless.

The space in your yard, however, is not. This dad faced a similar dilemma, but he decided to do the unthinkable: combine all three of those to create one eye-catching piece of lawn furniture. This is the perfect project for you to impress your guests and have endless fun in your backyard.

This dad was able to complete this project using simple building materials. No bulldozers needed. He also did the entire thing by himself, so if you have the time to dedicate to this project, you will not need to request any help.

At first glance, this amazing DIY structure looks impossible to replicate. Luckily for us, this DIYer put all of the instructions online so everybody can attempt to replicate this in their own yard.

I don’t know about all of you, but I feel like I might give this a try. Here is a basic layout of what he did below.

1. Choose a level building site

You will need a level ground that is around 25 feet across in every direction, according to this handyman. In this guys case, he had an old swing set that he removed with a perfectly level space already underneath.


2. Gather building materials.

There are a few things you need for this project. You will need wood, porch swings, and cement blocks for the fire pit (if you don’t have one to build around). You will also need the proper equipment to assemble them altogether.


3. Create a wooden hexagon frame

The first thing you need to have completed to build this project is the wooden hexagon frame. This will serve as the topper for the swing sets.


4. Implant the posts

After measuring out six spots in the ground, you will need to place the posts in the proper location to be able to support the frame. To make the holes, the DIYer behind this masterpiece used a power auger, which can be rented if you do not have one.


5. Level the structure

The structure will need to be perfectly level in order to support the swings. You also need to add cross beams to increase the stability of the structure. Gravel was used to anchor it all into place.

level structure

6. Cement the Beams

Once the beams and the structure was level, cement was poured in to make this position permanent. The cement will need to be dried overnight so this handyman added temporary wooden support beams.


7. Sand/Stain the Structure

Once the cement has dried, the wood will need to be sanded and stained to create a more pleasing color. This is also where the fire pit will need to be added. Users have suggested that you check with your local fire officials at city hall to check if a permit is needed. It is also wise to make sure that you use the correct stones, as some cannot handle excessive heat.


8. Add the swings

The final step is to add the porch swings. You will need to be sure that the same lengths of chain are used for all the swings to keep everything level.


9. Enjoy!

What good is working so hard to build something if you will never use it? Invite some friends and family over to show off your creation!

enjoy1 enjoy2

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