This Fun DIY Lamp Looks Like A Cloud


I think it’s time for a lamp DIY. How about one shaped like a rainy cloud with a thunder storm going on inside it. This video from TiffyQuake (YouTube) is awesome and a must make! After you watch this you will think so too!

This is going to be the perfect decoration for a baby shower. My next shower maybe. Lol. To make this awesome cloud you will need: different sized paper lanterns, glue gun and sticks, a lot of cotton batting, clear string, and something to hang your light from. Don’t forget to use battery LED lights or other lights that don’t get hot. No fires! I am in love with this cloud! Aren’t you?! Looking for other cloud themed crafts? Look no further! (farther?) Check out all that MollyMoo has rounded up for us. These are perfect for a rainy day. Hang onto them for April showers.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!