Old House

This Home Is 300 Years Old – And It’s Completely Amazing

Old House

The United States is 239 years old with another birthday looming this July. That means that we can’t have things older than that. The oldest bar is Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, c. 1722 (been there). The oldest national park is Yellowstone, c. 1872 (been there). And the oldest house is The Fairbanks House, c. 1637-1641 (haven’t been there). Other countries don’t have problems like that. Take Great Britain for example. Check out this house, featured at Wimp, that is more than 300 years old.

This home is so quaint! It was built in 1980 and looks like something straight out of a picture book. The outside might look old but the inside is all charm and class. I adore the fireplace! The bathroom is the perfect mix of old and new world. I love the roman blinds in the kitchen and how all of the modern appliances blend in and don’t stick out. Check out the patio! It’s the best!

See inside this ‘vintage’ home here…

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