This Is No Ordinary Backyard Patio


As I have said before, I love our backyard. It is a great place to spend some time on a warm sunny day. I love the patio, the trees, the fountain and pond. I wouldn’t give any of it up. But, I do want a swimming pool. Ya know, for the kids. Well, not just for the kids. I would love to have a pool that I can lounge around in and soak up the sun. It sounds so relaxing to have my own private pool where I can while away the day without worrying about noisy pool mates and splashing children. This idea may be the answer to my needs/wants.

This is a great way to put a new pool into your yard without giving up your patio. I love this pool. The depth is even adjustable. Whether the kids or the adults are using it the water depth of this pool will always be like Mama Bear’s, just right. Learn more about hidden pools here. But be careful, the more you read about them the more you will want one!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!