This Makeup Trick Will Have You Seeing Double


Have you decided on your Halloween costume yet this year? Are you going trendy with Donald Trump or old school with a sheet ghost? My husband wants us to be a Star Wars family. That would be a fun theme but I’m not decided yet.

I was thinking that the Wizard Of Oz could be fun too. This video from Dope2111 has yet another idea. Go crazy with the makeup this year with this Trippy Double Vision Makeup

I seriously got a headache from this! I had to concentrate so hard at first to see where her real eyes were. There is no way that I could ever pull something like this off! Some days I have trouble with normal makeup!
This is just a whole skill set above mine. Her second eyes look so realistic. The false lashes? Nice touch! She is definitely an artist. In case you’re like me and still on the fence when it comes to your October costume, this roundup from Popsugar should give you all the inspiration that you need.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!