This Modern Tiny Home Is Just Perfect Inside


We in America have an amazing car culture. Ever since the invention of the car, and since Henry Ford made vehicles available to the masses, we have been obsessed. Not just with the cars themselves but with the freedom they represent. It allowed people to move out of town. They could now commute to the city for work. More importantly to me and my family, it brought seemingly far away places closer together. Can you imagine walking or riding a horse to the other side of town for groceries? Riding a buckboard wagon with the family from Oregon to Southern California for a weekend at Disneyland? We can now travel in style and we can bring our houses with us.

One couple decided they too wanted to hit the open road. They decided to do so with house in tow. Literally! And they decided to build this 170 square foot tiny home all by themselves. It took 8 months of working in their spare time to create it. The geometry of the house serves to maximize the interior space and keep it reasonably aerodynamic for towing. And to think…none of this would have been possible without the invention of the car. Lol. Here are some other fun self-sufficient and portable homes. It’s something to consider.

Take the full tour inside here…

Little Things: This 170-Sq-Ft Tiny House Is A Geometric Masterpiece