Toenail polish

This Nail Hack Will Save You So Much Frustration

Toenail polish

I have been needing a pedicure for so long and I finally got one on Saturday. It was heavenly. Unfortunately I can’t get one every time I need to change the color on my toes. Sometimes when I do it myself I mess up the polish on my nails. The secret to keeping your nails safe? A tampon. What? Yup. Watch this video from Little Things to learn the best kept secret out there.

I like the idea of a nail polish remover pen! I also like the idea of not messing up my nails. I am not a pro so it takes me forever to paint them. Thanks for the life hack guys! I think it will come in handy in the future. Nail hacks are a dime a dozen. I’m sure you have quite a collection of them by now. This roundup from Minq has 15 other ones to add to your repertoire.

Here’s the video from Little Things… Enjoy!