This Quick Trick Helps You “Plop” Your Hair


Have you heard of plunking or plopping your hair? I hadn’t but it doesn’t really apply to me because this is for those of you with cute (and sometimes crazy) curly locks. My straight and fine hair will look on jealously from the wings. So what is it? It’s a no-heat method for controlling your curls. The results are frizz free and full of fabulous volume. This method is perfect for those of you who shower at night at need a quick fix in the morning.

Donata White uses a comb, some product, and an old shirt to get fabulous curls. (This is yet another way an old tee-shirt can be repurposed! The DIYs and hacks are endless!) Do this to your hair before you go to bed and ‘Bob’s your uncle!’ Which is an expression that means ‘everything will be fine.’ Lol. Better than fine. It will be fabulous! Let me know How this worked for you lovelies! Here is another no-heat curl tutorial. This one is for those of you with straight hair.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!