This Shed Is Actually The Ultimate Escape From Reality


In our household we love going to movies. Did I say love? We really really love going to movies. We love everything about it. The big immersive screen, the shared experience with friends and family, the oversized candies and of course the giant tub of buttery, salty popcorn. We love it all, except the more than $60 price tag it costs our family just to get in the door.

Home theaters are getting more and more popular as technology improves. You can have a theater experience without ever leaving home. No longer must you borrow the projector from your office and project onto a bed sheet in your back yard (although that is fun). There are 70” tv’s and 4k ultra projectors you can use in your own home.

This company is taking it a step further by building a theater in your backyard. You don’t need to turn one of your rooms into a dedicated theater because you can move it out to one of these outbuildings. The Torii Cinema Company will build it all in your backyard and customize it to match your existing landscaping and home. Date night just got a whole lot cheaper. After the initial building cost of course.

Have a theater in your home is still a popular way to go. Here is all the help you need when looking to set up your own.

Here’s the link to see inside this awesome creation…

JustDIY: Love Going To Movies? See Inside This Amazing Shed!