This Simple Hack Eliminates Car Window Frost Instantly


If you live in a cold or temperate climate, like we do, frosty windows are a reality most mornings between October and April. It only takes 5 or so minutes to clear off the windshield, but it is still a chore you must perform every… single… morning. Sometimes those frosts are really hard and just about impossible to scrape.

But there is a better solution. Park in the garage. Just kidding no one actually parks in the garage anymore (to full of stuff). Here is another solution. No more scraping windows ever! The freezing point of rubbing alcohol is more than 100 degrees below zero. I had no idea! So unless you are commuting from the moon, this little trick will work for your windshields too.

All it takes is a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and some water. Just spray it on and instantly remove any ice. The solution will never freeze so you can keep it in the car. #winning. Rubbing alcohol is amazing. Check out these other uses for it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!