Canada House

This Stunning Off-The-Grid Tiny Home Is A Must See

Canada House

Off-the-grid. Sounds barbaric doesn’t it? I can tell you from personal experience that it isn’t. I grew up that way. You never would have been able to tell if you’d seen our home. Basically, we just didn’t plug into the city. We had solar power, our own spring, and our appliances were propane and not gas. Ain’t nothing. We had all the amenities so it’s not like we were getting away from it all. Not like this tiny house in British Columbia Canada. It is getting away and getting back to nature in it’s truest form!

Built by Robert and Bettina Johnson, this little home has everything you would expect from an off-the-grid living experience. It looks rustic and blends into the surroundings. It’s insides are lovely and cozy, and you can move it when you need a change of scenery. I am in love with the door with the bear and fish. So much detail and hard work was put into that element alone!

To take a photo tour of this home go here – Esket Tiny House (Photo Tour). Also, there’s a full video series to enjoy as well.

Here’s the first in the series…