This Unique Machine Instantly Eliminates Popcorn Ceiling

Do you have a fixer-upper of a house? So many of us have a never ending number of projects to work on. Luckily our house only has little things to do. I’m no carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. Some of you have massive overhauls on your hands.

I admire your skills, determination, and drive! Something that a lot of my friends have had to tackle is getting rid of annoying ‘popcorn.’

What’s that? Good! I’m glad it’s not in your house! (It is was in the house we rented before we bought.) It it a style of drywalling that became popular in the 50’s that is bumpy and resembles popcorn.

It was thought to help with noise but really it’s just ugly. (Wimp has more details on this unsightly stuff here…) Until recently, it was thought that there was nothing that could be done to remove it. The video below proves the skeptics wrong.

Here’s the video showing it in action… Enjoy!