This Vintage Dresser Gets Re-purposed Beautifully Into A Stunning Bench


Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales… these are some of my favorite places to find treasures. And by treasures I mean other people’s garbage that I will makeover into something wonderful. After seeing this DIY from Brooke of Start At Home, I’ll be on the hunt for an old dresser! I love seeing old furniture getting a second chance at life and being re-purposed.

Brooke used some creativity to transform an average dresser into something vintage in just a few easy steps. I don’t have the dresser. Or the carpentry skills. But I do have the tutorial and I do have the paint! (I also have a husband with who can do the heavy lifting. Lol.) This bench is great and would work in any room of the house. I think it would be perfect in a sunny reading spot with books tucked into all the shelves. Where would you put it? Do tell! Buzzfeed has a roundup that is all about dressers and how to transform the boring into the brilliant. You will love it as much as the one created by Brooke.

Check out Brooke’s dresser project here…

Diply: Garage Sale Dresser Gets Turned Into A Beautiful Bench (photos)