She Sheds

This Woman Builds A “She Shed” And I Am So Jealous

She Sheds

There isn’t any reason your backyard shed has to be boring or ordinary. Not with this hot new trend that is sweeping the nation. Why should kids get all the fun and have a backyard playhouse? ‘Bar Sheds’ are the new man caves and ‘She Sheds’ are the new place to go to get away from it all. Secret sanctuaries are important to have! And OMG…these are the best ones yet.

After seeing this video you will be inspired! Clear out the cobwebs and buy some fancy trinket to fancy up your own magical space. You can tailor make it to fit your personality, to relax, and hide from the world for a few minutes. I would need lots of windows and comfy chairs! This is the best idea ever. Ever ever. Here are some ideas for sheds if you don’t already have one or if there isn’t a quaint little cabin to transform like the one Sandra did in the video.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!