Thoroughly Clean Your Home With These Awesome Hacks


Take a look at these 25 tips that will help get some of the tougher places around your home clean. Lot’s of these things I had no idea you could clean so thoroughly! My cutting board? Really? I normally just use the dishwasher. This is just one of the ideas.

Just in time for spring cleaning! Well, maybe just in time for your early summer cleaning. Where has the time gone? With Memorial Day coming up this weekend spring is officially over. Did you get all your spring cleaning done already? These are going to help if you have fallen behind.

I hate hate hate cleaning the toilet. I have broken toilet brushes scrubbing the ring. Did you know your Magic Erasers will erase a toilet ring without scrubbing. Those things truly are magic! Huffington Post has five other ways to clean the toilet. See which ones work best here.

Here’s the link to all 25 cleaning hacks…

Diply: 25 Thorough Cleaning Tricks For The Neat Freak