Tillamook House

Tillamook Triple Bay Tiny Homes By Rich Daniels

Tillamook House

Rich Daniels is a master builder. Kind of like in the Lego Movie. He envisions and creates the most amazing things based on what people need. His tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes and are tailor made to fit the needs of his clients. Oh how I wish I was one of his clients!

All I can say is bay windows. Big bay window. How did he fit them in here? I love natural light and the ‘Tillamook Triple Bay’ tiny house is overflowing with it. Ok, I have more to say than that. It looks comfortable, functional, elegant, and spacious. This is any tiny home owners dream come true.

Would you consider living in a tiny home like this? Where would you park it? It would need to be someplace where the view and surrounding area are just as beautiful as the inside. This historic tiny cottage featured at Tiny House Talk has just that. It’s located in Plymouth, NH and is gorgeous inside and out. Isn’t it quaint? Fyi…it’s on Airbnb and VRBO!

All of Daniel’s photos will blow you away! Check them out here…

Rich Daniels: Tillamook Triple Bay Tiny House (Interior Photos)