Take A Peek Inside This Tiny Cabin On Wheels. It’s Beautiful!


Could you live here? Ummm…yes, yes, I think I could. For summer vacation anyways. This is like no tiny home I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even fit the tiny home ‘requirements.’ Scenic Park Homes are really quite impressive. They sleep six people comfortably; that’s plenty of room for me and mine!

This would be perfect if you have property and are slowing building your dream house and don’t want to live in a shanty for years. I’ll have to tell my parents. This home has high ceilings, big open rooms, and full kitchens. There is even a porch, ceiling fans, and a tv. There are a few different models but they cost around $32-42,000, fully furnished. I wouldn’t want a furnished one. Decorating a new space is half the fun of getting one! Won’t you buy one and let me borrow it?

Less is more, right? Most the time. Here is another tiny house, featured at Tiny House Talk that is ‘tiny’ but not. If you know what I mean.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!