This Tiny Camper Has A Modular Interior Making It Feel Like 5 Rooms In One


The HC1 is the latest camper model from California based company Happier Camper. Their handmade trailers are so unique and I hope to have one someday! The HC1 is unlike any of it’s predecessors because of it’s customizable modular design. It can be made to fit any needs. The camper’s interior has many white cubes (hollowed out – for storage) that can be arranged any number of ways. You can make a sitting area, dinning table, bedroom, or have them outside for a campfire. It’s a brilliant design.

The camper is made of fiberglass and weighs 1,1000 pounds. The shell can be painted to match your car or personality. Blue for me. Or red. It and the cubes are made out of all-weather material that will last for years to come. Here is the official Happier Camper website. Be sure and check out the media gallery! The pics are absolutely stunning.

Here’s the link to see the amazing interior…

LittleThings: Tiny Camper Feels Like 5 Rooms In 1! (photos)