There’s Nothing Retro About This Tiny Camper. Wow!

retro trailer

I am going camping next week. Eeek! So excited and so much still to do! We aren’t actually going camping as much as we are going on a road trip and camping at a different place every night. Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, and a whole lot of other National Parks…here we come! It should be fun but I’ll keep you posted. One thing that I am already regretting is our lack of camp trailer. We, and all our gear, will all be piled into our car. Maybe someday we will have an awesome trailer like the one featured in the video!

Gidget (the trailer’s name) is any camper’s dream come true. It holds so much more than you would expect! I know that I was surprised by the kitchen. So cool. The teardrop shape is so ergonomically friendly too! I really do hope we can get one of these someday! Don’t you want one?! Here’s the official site to the Gidget trailer.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!