Jerry And Rene’s Tiny Dream Home Is One Of A Kind


Tiny houses schminy houses. Are you tired of them yet? I hope not because I’m pretty sure the trendy movement is here to stay! I stayed in my first one last weekend and it was so cute. We went to a wedding and stayed in a friend’s ‘guest room’ which ended up being a tiny a-frame home out back. They built it themselves and I’m hoping they’ll build me one too! Jerry and Rene Larson are another couple that build their own small home and when you see it you’ll fall in love.

The Larson’s designed and build this house in just over a year. Talk about impressive. One of the things that makes this 222 square foot home special is that it expands. It has two ‘slide outs.’ Kind of like a pop out camp trailer. This is the coolest RV that I’ve ever seen. That’s right, you plug into your favorite camp spot or you can go self sustainable off the grid.

The inside is just lovely! I love the birch wood. I think it’s great how they saved valuable space with a Murphy bed too. I think the escape hatch is a clever idea. I’d definitely take this baby out for a spin! Or one of these ones.

Take the tour inside the Larsen’s tiny house here…

TinyHouseTalk: Tour Inside Jerry And Rene’s Tiny Home (photos)