Tiny Home

Tiny Home Builder Designs A Showcase-Worthy Interior

Tiny Home

How cute is this tiny home? I love what Timbercraft Tiny Homes designer Doug Schroeder has come up with. It is one of the more sophisticated minny living spaces that you will ever see. It’s comfortable, sustainable, and the envy of all the other tiny homes.

These mobile homes, built in Alabama, come in two sizes. 8’x16’ to 8’x24. Both have fold out porches, giving them a little extra room. This house is easy to travel with and can be hooked up to a sewer system at a camp site easily.

Do you like what you see? I love the white cabinets with black fixtures. I’ve got to get me some of those! It’s so open and airy! Here is a roundup of 25 other tiny homes that will make you wish you were ‘living small.’ Casa do Penedo is crazy! The tree house and floating house are brilliant too.

Here’s the link to see the amazing interior…

LittleThings: Tiny Home With A Magazine-Worthy Interior (photos)