This Incredible Tiny Home Features a Working Drawbridge

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Each tiny home is an expression of the builder. Tiny homes are great for the environment, saving space, and living a minimal lifestyle. With tiny homes taking over the internet lately, it is hard to come across something we haven’t seen before. But every once in a while, we come across a very interesting home! Today, that home is the drawbridge home.

This 100% sustainable tiny home was built by the Canadian company Greenmoxie. The home features several large solar panels so you will not need electric hookups, making this home perfect for off the grid living. But of course, the coolest feature is the fully functional drawbridge. It was installed so the home can have added porch space without taking up space on a transport vehicle. However, it is also an awesome design feature. Once the bridge is down, the beautiful front door is revealed.

This is one sweet living quarters. I have always wanted a tiny home, and if I got one I would want a drawbridge too. Take a look at this tiny home and let us know what you think in the comments section!

1. This tiny home is 100% self sustaining and it was built by hand by Greenmoxie.

tiny home

via: greenmoxie


2. The coolest feature of this tiny home? The draw-bridge that creates added porch space!

draw bridge draw bridge 2

via: greenmoxie


3. As the draw bridge goes down, you can see the beautiful front door

front door

via: greenmoxie


4. And right when you walk in, you are greeted with this lovely living space!

living room living room 2

via: greenmoxie


5. The kitchen is on the main floor and it features a sink, a stove, and a fridge

kitchen 2 kitchen 1

via: greenmoxie


6. There is only one bathroom in the home and it’s on the main floor


via: greenmoxie


7. The stairs provide extra storage space, and they lead to the beautiful loft bedroom!

kitchen and stairs

via: greenmoxie


8. This is the only bedroom in the home, but that may be all you need


via: greenmoxie


9. Solar panels were installed during construction so you won’t have to worry about electric bills. This home is a perfect off the grid retreat!

solar panels

via: greenmoxie


10. Here is a last look at this beautiful home. I would love to live here!

last look

via: greenmoxie

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