Tiny Home With A Garage Is Hiding A Wonderful Secret

Built by Zenith Tiny Homes, the Carriage is one of the most unique tiny houses to hit the internet. Zenith is known for creating new and innovating tiny homes that are made to impress.

Most tiny homes we see are on wheels and are made to be put in different locations. However, this home is an exception. It is made to be a permanent home fixed at a downtown location. The location is an amazing feature of the home but the home has many other interesting features such as a full kitchen, full bathroom, and a garage with additional storage.

However, the most interesting feature of this home is the deck on top of the garage. It gives a great view of the city and has plenty of room for company. Most tiny homes cant entertain guests but this one can!

Many people believe tiny homes like this are the solution to city overcrowding. After all, this cozy home barely takes up a small lot. Homes like this could be the future of housing! What do you think of this home?

This is the Carriage Tiny Home

Unlike most tiny homes, this one has a garage

On top of the garage is a wonderfully hidden deck

With a lovely view of the city

It is tucked neatly into the hillside

Upon entering from the street you’re greeted with soaring ceilings

On the main floor you have a kitchen area

With stairs that lead up to the bedroom

The main floor has a full bathroom with a custom sink

Upstairs is the master bedroom

With a ledge by the window

The master bedroom leads right out to the deck

Here is one last look at this incredible home

Via: zenithdesignbuild


3 thoughts on “Tiny Home With A Garage Is Hiding A Wonderful Secret”

  1. Why can’t the stairs lead to a small walk space to the door for the deck, so no one has to walk through a bedroom to get to the entertainment area? Are the going to cook and serve on the deck?Then storage for needed things should be there so nothing but the food/drinks to prepare has to be brought upstairs. And what about a small powder room?

  2. Since I have arthritis I would want a downstairs couch that coverts to a queen size bed and one upstairs for capable guests

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