Father And Son Team Build Amazing Tiny Home On Wheels From A School Bus


When you hear someone say ‘school bus,’ what comes to mind? Books, teachers, the glory days of being on the basketball team or cheerleading? Most people don’t think of houses. (I know that I don’t/didn’t.) It’s a good thing that Patrick (imgur user skoolielove) could see beyond high school and the potential that an old blue bus had. He say the perfect traveling tiny home for an extended road trip and the end results are fabulous!

You can’t even tell that this once a school bus. Gone are the vinyl seats and depressing windows and lighting. In their place are lovely wood floors, LED lighting, dining nooks, and so much more! Love love love! The crazy thing? This transformation only took three months! I’ve been trying to paint my laundry room for at least that long! Nice job Patrick and family.

Here’s the link to all the project photos…

Distractify: 90’s School Bus Gets Converted Into A Tiny Dream Home (photos)