32ft Tiny Home With A Unique Lifted Living Area

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The best part about custom tiny homes is that they always have their own unique style. The Tedesco tiny home is no exception to this. Built by Liberation Tiny Homes, this home is definitely unique. At only 32 feet long it somehow finds a way to fit a full laundry room, bathroom and shower, a full sized stove, and a full sized dishwasher. Not to mention the living area and the bedroom!

One of the things that makes this home unique is the use of storage space. Every stair, every cabinet, and every bit of free space seems to find a way to fit an extra space for storage. The stairs have slide out drawers and doors on the sides. Even the kitchen cabinets have slide out drawers underneath. It even has a lifted living space with extra storage underneath that can be accessed from inside AND out.

But the storage isn’t the only thing that makes this home special, its the amazing woodworking details of the trim, beams and cabinets.

Here’s the full tour… Enjoy!

This model is called the Tedesco tiny home.

It is custom built by Liberation Tiny Homes

The exterior attention to detail is incredible

And so is the interior detail

Just look at those ceilings

The kitchen and living area make up most of the home

The stairs to the living area slide out, and their are drawers built into the loft.

This area has plenty of open lighting

The kitchen features a large window right by the table

The kitchen table has some amazing detail

Every drawer in the kitchen makes a great use of space

This home features a full size oven with 4 burners

The living area has an incredible hard wood floor

The loft and bathroom are on the other side of the home

Just look at that beautiful sliding door!

There is a full laundry area in the bathroom

As well as this beautiful shower!

The bathroom features a full closet

The stairs each have storage space for extra belongings

Upstairs is the loft area. It has amazing wooden ceilings!

This home is on a trailer so it can be taken anywhere.

Here is one last look at this incredible home!


Images VIA: Liberation Tiny Homes

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