Group Clears Land to Build Tiny Home Village For Homeless Veterans

Kansas City, Missouri, has a very high population of homeless veterans. A dedicated group called Veterans Community Project Organization has worked hard to change that. This group came up with a brilliant, affordable and friendly way to help curb their homeless problem: tiny homes for veterans.

This group began construction of a village in Kansas City that was to be populated entirely by homeless veterans in tiny homes. Each home has approximately 240 square feet. The goal is to build 30 tiny homes for veterans and get 30 homeless veterans to move in. The organization was started by three veterans, and it is currently being funded by several other not-for-profit organizations. Built entirely by volunteers, the village also has a community building and counseling services.

Several other communities like this one have also been formed around the country. Tiny homes are an affordable way to help get our veterans off of the street and into comfortable homes. One village in Saint Petersburg, Florida, is now completely finished and has begun giving the homes to homeless veterans!

It is great to see dedicated volunteers working hard to help veterans get a new home. Hopefully, this will become a trend and we can see more soon!

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1. A group known as the Veterans Community Project Organization started a project to help give homeless veterans a place to live.

tiny homes for veterans 1

2. The group has cleared land to make room for ‘Veterans Village’.

tiny homes for veterans village

3. The village is currently being built and will have 30 tiny homes, each of them with about 240 square feet.

tiny homes for veterans community

4. But they do fit all the necessities!

tiny homes for veterans inside 1 tiny homes for veterans inside 2

5. The village will also have a community building and a garden as well as educational services.

tiny homes for veterans village 2

6. Here is a similar village in Washington State that is already completed!

tiny homes for veterans village home

7. Learn more about this amazing project from this video!

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Could your community benefit from a similar initiative? Please tell us in the comments below!

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