Tiny house

Come Fall In Love With This Tiny Home’s Urban Chic Interior

Tiny house

How big is your house? Mine isn’t tiny by any means. Especially, considering a ‘tiny home’ is 400 square feet or less and a ‘small home’ is anywhere from 400-1000. The same can’t be said for Jewel’s house. Her dream home is 360 square feet of perfection.

Are you considering minimalist living? It’s not something you can just plunge into. What a culture shock! And no one knows that better than Ms. Gypsy Soul. Her journey to tiny living was just that, a journey. She went from four bedrooms, to one, and then to her dream home. It is one of my favorite tiny homes. I am in Love (with a capital ‘L) the windows. There is so much natural light! Even the reading and sleeping nook are bathed in light. What is your favorite thing about this house? (You can read more about Jewel’s life here.)

See more of this fabulous house here – Tiny Home Tour: Fall In Love With Jewel’s Beautiful Mobile Tiny Home

You can also take a video tour here: