Tour This Rustic Tiny Home With An Awesome Geodesic Dome Window

This super unique tiny house located in the U.K is truly something unlike any other tiny home. Just wait until you find out why!

This house was built within one week and cost about $2500 to complete. It was made with as many recycled materials as possible, which is what drove the cost down. The builder said he scavenged parts for several months before finding enough. The home features a bed, work station, and a beautiful dome window. The home is located in a community that will have a bathroom and a kitchen when it is complete, so this house does not have either one.

Once the owner moved in, she said she was able to finish all of the small details within one week.

The best part about this home, of course, is the stunning dome window that lights up the night sky! This was made by the owner and the builder themselves. This window makes this tiny home spectacular. The owner is an artist and said that this space provides great inspiration.

You can watch the complete construction and take a tour of the tiny house in the video below…

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