This Tiny Solar Powered Home Can Be Assembled Anywhere

If you have been following the tiny home trend recently then you probably want to get a tiny home yourself! We can all yearn for a simple and cheap living arrangement, which is why tiny homes have become so popular. Now, a tiny solar powered home has even entered the trend!

Recently, a company called Kodasema developed a new type of tiny home called the KODA. Completely solar powered, this home has around 270 square feet. Plus, it can be disassembled and then reassembled anywhere you want to take it! You can use it long term or simply as a portable camping cabin.

Right now, this home is about to hit the market in Estonia and is expected to be a bit pricey. This new concept, though, is something that could soon come to the United States. The idea of a tiny home that you can disassemble and set up anywhere is sure to be a hit, especially with those who want to go off the grid!

Even though it could be a while before we can live in a home like this ourselves, we are taking a look into the future by admiring this home.

This tiny solar powered home is quickly moved.

Disassemble, then be ready for travel within four hours.
solar powered tiny home 1

It is approximately 270 square feet and is made of very sturdy materials including concrete.

solar powered tiny home 2 tiny solar powered home 3

It is called a tiny house, but this home is much bigger than you would expect!

solar powered tiny home 4

And it gets plenty of natural sunlight.

solar powered tiny home 5

The upper loft is a full cozy bedroom.

solar powered tiny home bedroom bedroom-2

Surprisingly, it also features a bathroom!

solar powered tiny home bathroom

The living area and the kitchen are very spacious.

solar powered tiny home living area

The best part is you can assemble it anywhere.

Would you take it camping or use it to get off the grid?
solar powered tiny home 8

via: kodasema

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