This Impressive Tiny Trailer Is A Gypsy Dream


Do you have a gypsy soul? Born to wonder? Then check out this gypsy caravan! This lovely tiny trailer looks like an antique, stolen from Romania, but it’s practical and modern in every way! It makes me want to pack my bags and hit the open road. Camping in style!

The inside is so detailed. The stained glass windows are hand painted, the drawer handles are made of gemstones, and the wood details are done in copper. All of this and more makes for a magical interior. It even has a mail slot. My favorite thing about this trailer is the roof. It’s a canopy made of stretched sailcloth. It lets so much light in. I also love the dutch doors! (That’s a door that is cut in half horizontally). The coach lights with candles are really cool too.

The designers of this trainer decorated the exterior to mimic the Norwegian folk style of the 1800s. Regardless, I still think it looks like something out of a gypsy camp! I love it!

Take the full interior tour here…

LittleThings: Impressive Tiny Trailer. So Cute And Cozy! (photos)