Tips And Tricks For Your Vegetable Garden


Has the organic bug bitten you? There is this crazy and intense epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Fresh is best! Pesticide free is perfection. Organic is ‘oh-my-goodness’ expensive. People love organic fruits and vegetable (present company included). Eating healthy and fresh doesn’t have to break the bank…if you grow your veggies yourself!

Easier said than done. Not everyone has a green thumb and can grow a fabulous vegetable garden. Kudos to you if you are one of those people who can. I wouldn’t say that my thumb is black (I’ve kept an orchid alive for almost two years now!) but it isn’t ‘Green Giant’ green. This video from GrowVeg has 10 simple tips for how to have a successful vegetable garden. Love ‘em!

Think you’re going to give this a go? Here are some other tips to check out that will help get you well on your way.

Find the helpful video here… Enjoy!