energy saving tips and tricks

Top 8 DIY Ways To Save On Energy Bills

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energy saving tips and tricks

Here’s a really great list of ways to save on your energy bills. As I write this, it’s the end of February and we are deep into winter and I am sure many of you have not been enjoying those increased utility bills. I know when we lived in New York, our older home was absolutely ridiculously drafty and our bills would double.

One of the things we thought would really help was to simply add more insulation to the attic but that’s not even in this list of top 8 things to do! I think the very best advice is to get a home energy audit where professionals can asses your worse performing areas and you can tackle those first.

Here in Oregon it’s actually a government funded program… you pay $150 for an energy audit and you get a $150 rebate to mail in so it’s free!

Here’s the link to the top 8 tips…

Family Handyman: DIY Energy Saving Tips

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