Find Out The Unbelievable Secret This Man Discovered When He Tore Down A Wall In His Home. Amazing!

lost city basement

Imagine discovering an underground city through your home? That is exactly what one man discovered after he knocked down a wall in his house. He revealed an underground city that dates back thousands and thousands of years!

A man in Turkey was renovating his home back in 1963 when he revealed a city named Derinkuyu after breaking through a cave wall. It was more than 280 feet deep with more than 10 stories! There were religious centers, storerooms, wine presses, ventilation shafts and more. This secret city was believed to populate over 20,000 people at one point. Another more mysterious discovery was the 1000 pound doors. They could only be opened from within, which indicated that people would have been hiding from something.

Several theories have been formed on why this underground secret city was even created. It’s not possible to ascertain the year it was built though.

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