Tour Inside – A 160 Sq Ft Tiny Home For A Family of 3

When most people think of a tiny home they think of a one person cottage or a house on wheels. But this family built their own tiny home and it’s only 160 square feet, and still fits their family of three! For that reason, this house deserves to be featured. Most tiny homes are around 400-800 square feet but this family went even smaller, and fit even more people. This is a great example of minimalism.

With only 160 square feet of space this family needed to make some serious cutbacks in terms of items they own. But the couple and their child insist they enjoy this life of simplicity! And this home, as small as it is, is absolutely gorgeous! The living area has a computer and bookshelf, as well as a fold out couch that their son sleeps on. Upstairs, you have the master bed and the loft. Around the corner, you have a bathroom with a composting toilet and a full shower. A house doesn’t need to be large to be comfortable, and this home proves it.

Despite the size this home seems to fit a lot of love


This 160 Sq. foot home fits a family of 3


When you walk in you are right in the center of the home


The living area features a pull out couch and a computer


Take a few extra steps and you’re in the kitchen


The kitchen also makes great use of space


And then there’s the bathroom


It features a full shower


The master bedroom is upstairs


Here is one last look at this unique tiny home!

Learn more here: TinyHallHouse – tumblr

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