Tour The Tiffany Tiny Home

The ‘Tiffany’ tiny home was designed by Adam from A New Beginning Tiny Homes. It was designed to resemble a 1920’s craftsman style bungalow. The home is around 270 square feet, but it feels much larger than it looks. With a full kitchen, a customized bathroom with a Japanese style bathtub, and dual lofts. This home feels much more luxurious than many full size homes.

One of the most impressive features of this home is the stained glass windows. Both doors and loft windows contain customized stained glass patterns. The ‘Tiffany’ is actually named after Louis Comfort Tiffany, who was known for his stained glass work.

For those who love technology, you’ll appreciate the tech that went into this home. The builder turned it into a smart home. Using products like Amazon Alexa and Nest. Many features of the home are voice controlled. This is a great idea for a smaller home as you can activate it from any room in the house.

Overall, the ‘Tiffany’ is an impressive tiny home with some amazing features that will surely inspire other tiny home builders for years to come.

This lovely tiny home is named ‘Tiffany’

It’s around 270 square feet

The full size kitchen is powered by propane, and there are Low Emissivity windows

The designer put in stain glass windows that make this home very unique

Around the corner from the kitchen is a customized bathroom with a Japanese soak tub

In the bathroom you’ll also find a shower and a full size sink

The owners even put in a beautiful reading nook

Upstairs is the master bedroom loft

The owners made great use of space for additional storage

There’s even a pet door for their cat

Overall, this tiny home sure is a looker!

This is Tim and Sam, the owners of the ‘Tiffany’ home

Builder: Adam from A New Beginning Tiny Home
Owners: Tim Davidson & Sam Cosner


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