guest room before

How This Guy Transforms His Office To Accommodate Guests Is Completely Brilliant

guest room before

This is a next level trundle bed. These beds are great space savers! You tuck them away when they aren’t needed and pull them out for sleepovers or guests. Most trundles tuck under other beds but this one, featured at Imgur, is special. It is hidden under the floor! How cool!

These guys needed to get creative with space and decided to combine an office and guest room. Brilliant! One problem you find with traditional pull out beds is that the floor has to be clear to make room for them. Like that happens. Move the furniture. Clear the mess. Shove the toys and clothes in the closet. This type of bed makes it possible to have all the furniture you want without having to move it when you have company. It doesn’t help with the toys/clothes mess but I am working on organization strategy for that. Lol.

I love that this is a full sized bed! This might be moving up to the top of my DIY list. Another trundle that has stolen my heart is this one from The Yellow Cape Cod. It’s a traditional trundle bed but it’s gorgeous and I love it! Check out here.

See the full project and amazing “after” photos here…

Imgur: Combined Guest Bedroom And Home Office