Turn A 5 Gallon Bucket Into An Ottoman


Ottoman DIYs are a dime a dozen. Seriously just Google it. You will get umteen pages on how to make the dream ottoman. Basically anything can be repurposed into one. I’ve written on quite a few of them before but never one like this. This DIY, featured at Brit And Co, has an old ugly bucket being transformed and I love it.

This tutorial is super easy and it’s a no-sew, which is a bonus for those of us who loathe needle and thread. There is a lot of glueing going on and I’m great at that. I’m also great at taking something lame, like an orange Home Depot bucket, and turning it into something cool, like an ottoman. Lol.

Not satisfied with just one ottoman DIY? Ok. Here are 15 more, complements of Pretty Providence. There are just so many to choose from. Happy ottoman-ing!

Find the full tutorial here…

Brit And Co: How To Turn A Bucket Into A Chic Mini Ottoman