Irish Craft

Turn A Small Garden Pot Into A Pot Of Gold

Irish Craft

Check out this fun St. Paddy’s day craft. The 36th Avenue has put together a festive lil’ pot o’ gold that I’m excited to feature here today. It’s adorable and super easy. It’s also perfect for the whole family! Those are the best DIYs. (I think this would be awesome if you were a teacher and looking for something to do with your whole class on a budget.) What you need: a mini terracotta pot, black acrylic paint, sponge brush, mod podge, gold glitter, shamrock sticker or vinyl cut out, and Rolo candies (or other gold wrapped candy.)

Easy peasy right? If you don’t want Rolos as your treasure, might I suggest one of these alternatives? The foiled caramel filled chocolate candy balls seem like a winner to me. Or the standby god coins. Here are some other fun and easy themed crafts that I know you will love! Martha Stewart always knows what’s up.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

The36thAvenue: St. Patrick’s Day Pot Of Gold Tutorial