Turn Regular Blinds Into DIY Roman Shades

Are you looking for an easy cheap way to dress up a room? Why not upgrade your blinds. I’m talking about those plain white blinds. The ones that came with the house. New blinds are surprisingly expensive. A new set can run you into the thousands of dollars. Yikes, I don’t have that kind of money on hand. However, you can dress them up yourself, with any fabric pattern you want. No more boring blinds. Turn them into Roman Blinds!

This will ruin your old blinds. So there is no going back once you start. You will need to commit! The results are beautiful. Your new blinds will lay down into soft folds when you raise them and show a beautiful pattern of your choice when they are lowered. I would suggest using a heavy fabric for the blinds so that they do a better job keeping the light out. On the fence about what product, DIY, or style is best for you? This might help you out.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!