Turn Your Babies Old Clothes Into Adorable Keepsake Bears


This is a very emotional roundup. Be warned! Little Things has an article featuring personalized keepsake or ‘memory’ bears made out of onesies or blankets your little has outgrown. Now you don’t have to hold on to bins and bins of clothes. You can turn them into something more special! Something that will last forever and can be passed on. These bears will be as unique as your little one is.

Baby clothes are soft and cuddly. That guarantees that these bears will be too! They don’t just have to be bears either. You can have elephants, bunnies, and even my favorite animal, giraffes made. How cute! Be sure and check out all the fabulous Etsy stores featured in the article below!

I am actually buying one of these but for a different reason. This website is one-in-a-million for me and I have some friends on it who have bought similar bears and I’m excited to have one too.

See all the different ideas here…

LittleThings: Adorable Baby Clothes Are Transformed into Personalized Keepsake Bears