Two Tiny Homes Connected By a Central Sunroom

Have you been dreaming of tiny living but want something just a bit larger than your typical tiny home on wheels? Look no further! This very clever design by Viva Collectiv may be just the thing you are looking for. Two tiny homes have been connected by a central deck and sunroom.

You’ll now have about 3 times the space and even get lots of privacy from your children by having them in an opposite wing.

We absolutely love this clever design. The master bedroom and kitchen are on the parent’s side. The kids have their own loft rooms and a living room with storage and toys on the other.

The sunroom is made with open glass and is also a great communal living area. What a spectacular room to sit and read on a rainy day.

Here’s the full home tour… Enjoy!

This home is actually two tiny homes on wheels

They are connected by a sun room

You can enter each house through a sliding door

One side has the master bedroom

And features a full kitchen and laundry room

As well as a gorgeous bathroom

The other side has a great living area

With storage under the stairs

This side is mainly for the kids. The loft bedroom is upstairs, but not pictured.

What a beautiful and family friendly tiny home!

via: VivaCollectiv

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