Looks Like Your Typical 1950’s Ranch Style Home. But When You See Inside, Shocking!

coke house

Lillian of Cork County, Ireland loves and collects red and white memorabilia of the Coca Cola persuasion. Her whole house is decorated in this delicious and fizzy theme. Let’s take a tour and a walk down memory lane! (I love the bottle chandelier and wallpaper!) Coca Cola is the most magical, heavenly, and sugary substance on the planet. Yum! I’m so glad that John Pemberton created this concoction in 1886.

Coke was originally marketed as the magic medication that cures all ailes. Mr. Pemberton invented it because he had become addicted to morphine during the war. This was a substitute to cut his habit. It was advertised to treat addiction, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, headache, and impotence. It was manufactured with tiny amounts of cocaine until 1929.

This drink was a staple during war times. Soldiers relied heavily on it for energy and I can relate! I need a soda now and then too. Everyone loves Coke. Besides it’s Santa’s favorite drink! Learn how Santa and Coke became synonymous here.

Come see the interior photos here…

LittleThings: Her house Looked Normal From The Outside… (interior photos)