Tiny Lego House

You Won’t Believe What’s Inside This Ultra Tiny Apartment

Tiny Lego House

Christian Schallert lives in a 258 square foot apartment in Barcelona, Spain. it has a spectacular view of the city if you can brave all 100 steps to get to the 5th floor. I think the space itself is even more impressive that the view.

As in most tiny homes, the furniture has to either tuck away or have more than one purpose. He calls his home ‘active’ because he is constantly moving things and building what he wants. Move the bed to make the couch. Move the wall to make the kitchen or table. I love that Christian didn’t sacrifice anything he wanted just because the space is small. The kitchen is fully functional and practical. It even has a dishwasher and microwave. This apartment has tons of storage space, a huge shower, and a large TV.

He says that he was inspired by furniture found on boats that needs to be stored away because of rough waters. Wherever the ideas came from, they are brilliant. It’s the perfect space for home bodies or travelers. He said they once had 40 people there! Using the roof and balcony too. I love this place! P.S. This apartment is for sale!

They call it a ‘Lego’ house because they have to build what they need. Legos are the best! So are these Lego activities, projects, crafts, and decorations from Tip Junkie. Find all 55 here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!