How To Magically Un-Shrink Your Clothes


Noooo! Tragedy struck when I last did laundry. Not my teal maxi dress! How did it end up in the dryer?! Ahhhhh! I wanted to cry myself to sleep when my favorite summer dress shrunk up a few inches but instead I turned to the interweb to find an answer. There’s a solution for everything on there right? Right! I even found a DIY for how to unshrink a favorite outfit. Let’s see if it works!

JustDIY might just save my life, or at least the life of my maxi dress! All you need to reverse a shrunk garment is some conditioner (or baby shampoo), a towel, and some water. It’s so good to know that not all laundry mistakes are fatal! Here’s hoping! Good luck to you and your clothes too. About Home has a roundup of the 10 most common laundry disasters and how you can get around them too.

Here’s the link to the tutorial…

JustDIY: Using These Easy Steps, You Can Unshrink Any Clothing Item