This Brilliant Product Unclogs A Toilet In Seconds. Wow!


We’ve all had a clogged toilet. I can confidently say that it isn’t anyone’s favorite problem to deal with. I usually turn off the water valve to prevent an overflow and then race to find a plunger (or husband). Apparently that’s not how they deal with overflows in South Korea. There is a product called the ‘Pongtu’ that does the plungers job for it.

The Pongto looks like a disposable toilet seat cover. When applied to the toilet rim it makes an airtight seal. Pushing down on it has the same effect as a plunger. It’s crazy. You need to watch the video! (It is a tiny bit gross though.)

Just for future reference… here is South Korea’s official website. It is a fascinating country and if it’s on your travel ‘bucket list’ you need to read up on it before you go! For example, did you know that their national bird is the magpie and animal is the tiger? Interesting. Also, their motto is ‘benefit broadly the human world.’

Here’s the video… Enjoy!